Friday, March 14, 2014

Fantastically awesome day!

Today was a work day, so I had to meet with our Grade level and then go to my class to finish up report cards.  I got about half of them done before my Baby "Sprinkle."  They called it a sprinkle, but it was huge like a shower!  They made green eggs and ham for my Sam I am!  I have awesome coworkers!  They gave me enough diapers and wipes and such to fill a car top carrier (our storage of choice until May)!  He got diapers from size 1 to 4, some cloth diapers, tons of wipes, washcloths, blankets, cute little onesies and a monster outfit, a pair of monkey shoes, a rattle, a feeding thing (to safely eat fruits and veggies), soaps, lotion, baby powder, bibs, bottles, and more!  We feel very blessed!
Afterwards I finished my report cards and came home for a late lunch.  I took pictures of all of the awesome things that we received for Sam and then we put them away before I grabbed lunch and went back to work!  My fellow Kindergarten teacher and I worked on our grade level order for next year.  It was hard work!  Then we got to dance for 30 minutes and come home!  Scott was very excited to go shopping!  So, he left to get a grow light and had me order a taebo workout.  I was able to use a $25 gift card from Amazon that I won to get the DVD and the Rockin' Green laundry detergent that's perfect for cloth diapers!  Hurray!  I was able to nap a little with Josh, he didn't want to unsnuggle for a long time!  Then he sat with me and ordered me to "bump!"  He loves fist bumps and now even makes the exploding sound afterwards!  Soooo cute!  I went out with the Sister Missionaries for an hour, then came home to help put the kids to bed.  A long, but awesome day!  Now for the picture overload (I'll add shower pictures after I download them)!

My snugglers
Lil' man

Bows made at the bow party
Josh and Ben in a toddler bed
Pancake Run
Our PE teacher won!  She's so cool!
I LOVE my new picture!
At the very crowded dentist office

He's so sweet when he sleeps!
Heading to Denver to learn more about Aquaponics
I love owls!
Pumpkin flower
The girls were dying to go in the rental car, so we let them sit in there for a minute!

7 months!
Dr. Seuss Day!
I even got to do a craft with Emma's class (we swapped)!
They love sitting on the tv!
Josh wants to be held my whole lunch!
He found the ink pad!
He loves to lay on my belly!
Green eggs and ham at my Baby "Sprinkle"
Still snuggled up
With his daddy and big sister!

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