Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feeling groovy!

Every day I feel a little better!  Hurray!  I finally got to see my Doctor on Wednesday (after 2 failed attempts) and I've gained 5 pounds and another week.  So, now I'm measuring 3 weeks further than I am (which is 27 weeks).  I'm glad they can count, because I'm not.  I'm just trying to enjoy being pregnant, since this may be my last time.  I happen to think my pregnant belly is cute (although I feel huge)!  It's usually as hard as a rock, so I don't feel flabby at all!  We only have 3 days of school (teaching) next week, and then four days the next week, and then SPRING BREAK!!!  Can you tell I'm excited?  I get to see my brother and his family that I haven't seen in about 3 years!  Plus I get to see the rest of my family and meet my little sister's fiance (of sorts, I don't know that he's officially asked yet)!
I'm also super excited, because the school is throwing me a diaper shower, which will be fantastic for travelling and up until he actually fits the cloth diapers that I still haven't made.  Then today I got to go to a bow making party and she told me that they are throwing me a shower too!  I feel so blessed!  We really don't have much for this baby boy, so I am thrilled!  We still are trying to find a vehicle that will fit all of us once he comes.  12/15 Passenger vehicles are hard to come by and they aren't cheap.
In the meantime, our kids are hilarious!  Ben is all of the time pulling stuff out of his head and telling us stories that he makes up on the fly as we eat dinner.  His usual happy thing is:  telling a story.  He's had issues lately finding his shoes, poor kiddo.  He's super excited about the prospect of a Kindle, since I figured out how to fix mine (with very helpful Youtube videos) and am willing to buy broken ones on ebay for cheap to fix them.
Kira is still super excited about the ceremony coming up next weekend, when she gets her award for her first place drawing.  We just have to figure out how to get Scott to Denver without us giving up our vehicle.  Kira does an awesome job being helpful and is likely to be the one and only person helping me with the dishes (our dishwasher isn't washing).  She is also hopeful about getting a Kindle, because she knows she works hard enough to earn one!
Emma clipped down for the first time this week.  She was heartbroken, and I had to explain to her that she needs to be ready to move on when inside recess is over.  That's how it works.  She is getting so grown up with her snaggle tooth self.  It's entertaining seeing how she chooses to dress herself and do her hair.  She still loves going to first grade for an hour!
Leah gets very attached to her clothes.  Probably because she doesn't have many.  I can't find the size 5 box that I had stored for her, and she's out of the 4t clothes!  She loves her new coat, hurray for early Clearance deals!
Cecilia is quite the beggar!  Please can I watch a bedtime movie?  Please can I sleep on the couch?  Please can I have...  It's always something, and her vocabulary is pretty amazing!  She cried for a very long time about not being able to get out of quiet time today.  She wanted anything that could get her out!  It didn't work.  I love how hard she works to sign I love you when I'm heading back in to work in the afternoon and she loves helping me with laundry!  She likes to clear the lint, put the clothes in the dryer and push the on button!
Josh is quite the momma's boy.  He wakes up and wants me to hold him.  Sometimes he wakes up too early, so I end up not getting to work as early as I would like, but I love those snuggles!  Every lunch when I come home, I get plenty of snuggles!  If I'm sitting he has to be sitting on me or right next to me.  His snuggles help me make it through the rest of the day at school!  He sure loves his cars and has me read his books every time he finds them.  Usually multiple times.  He's having a hard time giving up his bottle for sippy cups, which is funny since he drinks out of regular cups just fine (until he gets bored, then he pours it out).  He loves the outside and water!  He and Cecilia snuck into the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the water in the sink to play.  There's no overflow drain, so we didn't know until the girls complained about the water coming under the door!  Oops!  Josh was thrilled to be wet though!
Good times and no boredom here at our house!

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