Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break

What a busy week!  We had Stake Conference last week and then a couple days off before we headed to Denver.  Our kiddos had never seen the mountains before and they were thrilled to see family, so we were all pretty excited!  It was terrible weather on the way, so the trip was waaaaaay longer than it should have been!  We got to eat dinner with one of Scott's companions from his mission.  He is one of our favorites!  They were kind enough to feed us, very nice!  We got to know Denver some.  The kiddos love the mountains!  Even Josh ooohs and aaahhhs over them!  We went to Fun City and saw Red Rocks.  We swam and walked along a walkway.  We got to go out late and have ice cream at Village Inn-just us Foremans.  We laughed so hard!  We took lots of pictures on the last day plus went to Hammond's Candy Factory!  We drove across Kansas to KC.  We spent a day just resting from the trip and then today we got to go to the Temple and Science City!  I was super excited!  It's so much fun being with family!  Then I got to go and get super cheap stuff at Children's Orchard and Half Price Books, so I'm feeling a lot more prepped for my little Samuel's coming in a few months!  Now, onto the deluge of pictures!
 Happy Birthday to Leah!
 My kiddos and the mountains

 Red Rock with my niece

 Walking on 16th Street
 Kiddos with the World Trade Center sign
Eating at Great Scott's, I don't recommend them!
 The original Foreman clan
 Feeding the birds
 The whole Family
 My Family
 My Parents
 Cute boyswww
 At Hammond's Candy Factory
 He loves his mamaw!
 And his Pawpaw too (how he says it)
 Chowing down on yummy candy
 At the park on our resting day!
 Coming back from the park
 Science City
 My poor boys!
 Mug Shots
 Ages 2 1/2 to 5
 Emma's getting taller though!

 This chameleon actually put his hand up to Josh's!

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