Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pancake Day

This week we celebrated Pancake Day, so we didn't have school on Tuesday!  Strange, but fun!  We went and watched the Run.  We're all going to run next year!  It'll be great exercise!  It's not long, so I'd get to sprint the whole way!  I love sprinting!
Then the rest of the day was Dentist appointments.  No fun.  At all.  Ben was super scared, thee hygienist was super rough on us and my mouth hurt for hours afterward.  The good news is that there was only one cavity, but it was Kira that had it.  She was so sad, because she works so hard to keep her teeth clean!
We managed to get a lot done while I was home!  Josh loved all of his mommy time, so he made it very difficult to leave all week long!  He's so sweet (for the most part)!  My kids loved that there was only school on 3 days this week.  Then 4 days next week, to start Spring Break.  We are all very excited!  It will be nice to see family again, since it's been awhile!
Scott got to go up to Denver this weekend to learn more about Aquaponics.  He rented a car and is staying with a mission companion.  The fact that he didn't call tells me that he's having a good time!  He'll head home after church.  I hope he's enjoying his break!  I know it's been hard here, since Cecilia's got a fever again.  Poor kiddo!  Every time she gets shots, she has problems.
I feel huge, so movement is becoming more difficult.  I got some cloth diapers cut out and we cleaned a lot too!  I feel accomplished.  Mostly.

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