Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another week down

It's crazy to think that we were just getting back this time last week!  School has been crazy busy!  We had a Field Trip on Tuesday!  Since I have two classes, I got to go twice!  I'm pretty sure our picture was in the Community College paper.  I've read a lot of books and ate a lot of white chocolate m&ms in order to make it through!  I've had some very snugly kiddos! I can tell they miss their mom!  Poor kiddos only had me for a week!  We were very excited to give a friend our empty freezer and she's going to give us meat!  What a trade! Then the lady I had bought baby stuff from got more of her stuff and so we got a ton for $80!  We got a bassinet, an owl swing (woohoo), a car seat that looks just like the one we had for Josh, plus bags and totes of clothes!  Some of the clothes are Scott's size! So it was amazing!  There was a ton of socks and 3-6 month clothes!  I've got them all washed and ready!  I still need to get something to put his clothes in, but otherwise we are going to make it!  I don't mind making do!  I was able to return the swing I had bought for $60, so I almost got all of that stuff for only $20 more than just the swing!
Ben had a great week!  His teacher emailed me how he has opened up in class and was actually leaning on the teacher!
Kira has another chance at her ceremony celebrating her artwork!  It's next weekend!  She's also getting excited for her golden birthday!  We are making fun plans now!
Emma enjoyed her Field Trip to Farm Day!  She is quite the daredevil!  She always swings very high and has started climbing trees at home!
Leah was thrilled to have her birthday brought up again today!  Her teacher is amazing and bought her some dahlias, a towel and goggles (so she's not afraid to go under the water when she goes swimming), plus she got to pick a piece of candy from the Bishop!
Cecilia is super attached to me right now, but she tries very hard to be helpful!  She loves helping me with anything I'm doing!
Josh- my little shadow man!  He was super excited when I bought Planes from Redbox ( for $5)!  He calls it Cars!  He really likes cars!  He's vocalizing a lot more!
I'm going to be starting to sell Jamberry!  They are pretty cool!  And inexpensive!  I'm hoping to have a launch party in two weeks!  Very exciting!

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