Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beginning of our last week here

We all spoke today at church, since it's our last Sunday here.  Kira told a story about a little girl who stood up for her beliefs and didn't drink tea.  Emma told Kira's story of not drinking tea at a tea party (and she read her talk from her notebook)!  Leah said her testimony and Ben told the story of the guy on his roof in a flood who prays for help and then refuses help from the boats and helicopter that were sent to save him.  Yeah.  Then I spoke on Reverence.  It's such a hard topic, because I didn't want anyone to feel bad, but there's a huge reverence issue!  My kids see it and think it's okay for them to do the same and it's not.  Not that my kids are anywhere close to perfect, but we're working on it!  Scott spoke on the 12-step program and how it helps draw us closer to Jesus and use His Atonement.  Josh fell asleep and slept most of Nursery.  He was so tired!
This past week has been crazy!  We've started packing and collecting boxes like crazy.  I've stayed up till midnight/one every night doing grades/report cards/graduation prep.  That's after staying at school until 5-7pm.  My poor kiddos have hardly seen me this week!  I just keep reminding myself that I'll have the summer to spend more time with them!  When I'm not applying to more jobs or interviewing (I hope)!  This week is going to be CRAZY too!  We have field day and Graduation and packing up my classroom...  Plus packing the rest of the house, trashing stuff that needs to go, donating things we just don't want to move, deciding what will go into storage and what will be needed the next few months.  We have a lot going on, but hopefully not having a baby until we're all moved!  We're just putting everything in storage but our clothes and the baby stuff, so it will be an easy move into my parents' house.  They're so awesome to be willing to let us live with them for a little while until we figure out where we're going to go!  My kids can't wait!  I'm sure it will be lots of fun!

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