Saturday, May 10, 2014

What is love?

I was asked to do a fun blog post on what my kiddos think love is.  Thanks to Brilliant Earth for asking me to do it!  They are a place to go for ethically sourced diamond rings!  Here we go!
My kiddos are pretty funny!  I know that they love me for every flower they pick off the rose bush, thorns and all, for every snuggle, for every time they hold my hand and give me big hugs to tell me I'm the bestest mom ever!  They show their love for me every time they work hard to help our house be cleaner and lean over to pick something up for me.  I love being their mom!

Ben (11):  "Love is when you really care for somebody, so much that you will actually marry them."

Kira (10):  "Love is when you care for someone and don't want them to get hurt, or if they do get hurt you feel bad for them.  You don't want to do anything to hurt them!"

Emma (6):  "It's when you love them enough to be husband or wife."

Leah (5):  "Whenever you find someone you love and then marry and then want to have a good time."

Cecilia (3):  "Love is when you don't care enough.  They want to marry theirselves."

Josh (22 months):  "Aboo."

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