Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunny days

And wow am I tan!  Just having recess duty everyday had me tan, and then the School Carnival actually got me a little burned.  So, I'm looking a lot like I did when I was twelve and lived outside!  It's interesting to see myself looking like me again!
I gained a whopping three pounds this week, although I did eat dinner right before my appointment.  I also gained 3 and a half inches around my middle this week, so I stopped measuring!  I'm still measuring three weeks big, so still going to be a big baby!  The good news is that my placenta isn't low anymore, so I don't have to worry about that!  Woohoo!  He still hasn't moved down, although he is head down, so I'm not concerned about having him yet.  Which is great since I haven't even packed my bag yet.  I've been putting it off in the hopes it keeps him from wanting to come out!  Doesn't hurt to try!
Ben has been super active this week.  He ran out of his medicine on Wednesday and his Doctor's appointment isn't until Monday, so I gave him placebos (ibruprofen) every morning, so he still felt like he was getting medicine.  He got Student of the Month on Wednesday!  I cried.  It was for Integrity.  Just the fact that Ben is doing well enough in school to get Student of the Month is amazing!  I was so excited!  I had no problem asking my awesome paras to cover me that morning, so I could go!  My Principal okayed it too, of course!
Kira desperately wants to run, and I slacked off this week with all we've had going on almost every night.  So, we'll start back up this week.  Poor Kira cried when she found out that I was going to make it to Ben's Student of the Month Ceremony, since I didn't make it to hers (I didn't know about it).  Kira works so very hard!  She's hoping for Student of the Year, and I'm hoping that she gets it and they tell us, so we can be there!  She did amazingly well at fasting for over 24 hours!  She even bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting!  I'm super impressed with her!
Emma lost another tooth.  It has been loose, but an incident with a fight over a mop helped knock it loose enough that it finally came out yesterday!  She's pretty excited.  I'm worried that she doesn't have much for front teeth now, although the middle teeth are coming in, it's just slow!
Leah is doing better with self-help skills and she's learning her letters!  Hurray!  She's getting there!
Cecilia finally got over her three day fever!  I was not getting enough sleep during it, so I was super glad when she started feeling better!  She's very into ballerinas and babies right now!  She's also very snuggly.  Especially when Josh is snuggling with me.  She usually tells me that I'm the bestest mom ever.  Or that both of us are the best moms ever.  She does take very good care of her favorite baby doll!
Josh is also loving baby dolls and his cars.  He will pick up the spare baby doll that Cecilia isn't holding and he'll hold it for her!  He's been talking a lot more this week, and his jibberish is so cute!  Every once in a while he'll say something understandable, like "Josh."  This week he picked up this crazy fit where he holds himself ramrod straight, sticks out his tongue and shakes his body till his face turns red.  Craziness!  He sits on me whenever I sit down and when I come home, he always screams "Mom!" and hugs my leg!  So sweet!
Poor Scott hasn't had a great week, but I'm hoping this next week is better!  He's so worried about me going into labor as we move!  Whatever happens, happens, but I refuse to worry about it!  I read somewhere that if you worry about something and it happens, then you had to live through it twice!  No thanks!
In the meantime, I only have four days of the After school program and only 13 days of regular school!  Fun times!

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