Saturday, May 10, 2014

Getting bigger

Let's see, Ben graduated from Gang Resistance Education and Training on Monday.  He was excited to get pizza!  The Officer that taught him recognized me from when I had seen him at Project Rock at our school last week.  He told me what a great kid Ben is!  I can't hear that enough!  Then Wednesday was Activity Day girls, we made play dough sculptures.  Along with all of my kiddos (but Ben).  Thursday was the last day of the After school program and my Doctor's appointment.  I gained another three pounds this week and I"m measuring 39 weeks.  That's six pounds in two weeks.  I'm feeling every pound!  It's super hot out too.  I'm very tan, which makes me look so much younger!  All from recess duties.  Kira and Ben hadn't missed much (if any) Project BEST, so they each got a bag, and Kira got a ton of other stuff.  We also had a Mother/Daughter Pamper night on Thursday.  While Scott taught English/Spanish.  Friday I remembered to send the Teacher Appreciation gifts with my kiddos.  Emma lost the original two presents for her teacher.  Grumble, grumble.  I even got a present from one of my kiddos!  So sweet!  My school kiddos all did very well on their big MAP tests (so far).  Emma is in the 96th percentile, Ben is off the charts and Kira beat what she needed to!  I'm so proud of their hard work this school year!  Just another week and a half of school left.   I've started packing things up at school and Scott has been packing at home.  We're building up our supply of boxes thanks to Wal-mart!  We're desperately hoping that Samuel waits to come, even if it makes me a little on the miserable side.  I'll be fine, so long as he is!
 Last Sunday I was feeling very cute in the skirt I made!
 Lil' man falls asleep after his tiring 2 hours in Nursery every Sunday!
 Getting our Weekend Snuggles in!
 Ben's GREAT diploma

 See how dark I'm getting?
My new nails courtesy of nail polish with Jamberry on top.  I love them, but I need to buy the white chevron too.  These are a little loud for me.  Yes, I am holding Josh's hand.  He falls asleep so much better when he's holding my hand!

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