Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy again!

Thankfully we have amazing family that lives nearby!  Monday and Tuesday my Uncle met me halfway to pick up my kiddos to take them to my mom while Kira was still in the hospital, so I could work!
Kira got out Tuesday afternoon and Scott picked up Samuel from me, so I was able to get a lot more done!  The kiddos all got to meet their teachers and have hot dogs, chips and popsicles!  I seriously love this school!  They have rallied around us to help me get my classroom ready and they were praying for Kira! They were so excited to see her, even though she's in a wheelchair at school!   Then 12 of my 14 kiddos' families came!  Awesome!
I got the rest of the school supplies for my kids-over $100!  Moneywise, life is stinking.  Between gas this past week, school stuff, groceries...  And first paychecks take a while.  But, we're mostly healthy!  That counts for everything!  Then our old ward gave us gift cards, so we were able to buy gas, groceries, and a couple small things for our new place!  We are very blessed!
Wednesday school started!  I LOVE my students!  I seriously have an amazing class!  And most of them love math!  Woohoo!  My kiddos all love their classes too!  Ben's only complaint is the preciseness needed to open a locker!  That's it!  He especially loves his Chromebook!  I can see my kids playing occasionally when I glance outside, and Kira's recess is the same time as the 3rd graders.
I really do love this school!  I love the small town and the great people!  Fantastic!
I about cried on Wednesday when we got home and it was still daytime, Scott had unpacked the kitchen and made dinner!  Amazing!  Every night I've been unpacking more, so it keeps looking better!  In a month we should be completely unpacked!
Today we went to our new ward and sat behind a family that we knew the parents when we were dating!  Crazy!  The ward is gigantic!  But, it was amazing having the Temple President and matron come speak to us!  Very cool!  The people here are very friendly!
Kira's doing better everyday!  She used her walker at church, and not much here!  I'm so glad she's doing so well!  My allergies have kicked in (or I have a cold), but still making it fine!  We're all right!

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