Sunday, August 3, 2014

I got a job!

On Monday I saw some new teaching openings and gladly applied, I really didn't want to be a sub after being a teacher!  I was hoping to hear something quickly with how soon school is starting.  The next morning I got a phone call from a superintendent asking if I would apply to his school.  He had been a Principal in Augusta Middle School, and was talking to Principals down there, and two of the Principals had given him my name as a candidate.  Wow!  So, I said I'd get to work and get my info in to him.  I did, and then a little before five he called to set up an interview for the next day.  I was pretty excited, since this small town is only 45 minutes away!  We really wanted a small town and to still be close enough to visit!  I went to the Interview the next day not super nervous, since I have done so many interviews lately.  I should have been more nervous, because they asked some tough questions!  It was a 50 minute long interview, but I felt like they really knew me!  It was a really cute town with a pretty drive.  The school is all together-the elementary school is on one side, and the Middle School/High School is on the other side.  They share a cafeteria.  Seriously awesome!  After the interview and I had come home, I took all the kids out with me to get backpacks.  Toys R Us had the buy a backpack, get a lunch box free deal.  So, each of the kids got a backpack and lunch box.  They were pretty excited!  I had forgot my phone at home, and when I got back, I had missed a call.  The Principal called and they had a Board meeting to decide if they could hire me, and they can, as long as there are over 45 3rd graders!  Right now they have 49, so it should be fine.  I'm so excited I got a job!  Now we need to find a place to live!  With little money.  Good times!
I was so excited that we were able to spend time with friends and family on Thursday!  We went to Celebration Park to play and have lunch with friends.  Then we went to the dollar Summer movie-How to Train a Dragon.  Samuel's first movie at the movie theater!  The kids all did great!  Then we had watermelon at a Park and went to Deanna Rose Farm where we had tons of fun with family and even had snow cones and saltwater taffy!  Yum!  A super long day, but great time with awesome people!
On Friday, we drove around to see what places we should be looking at, and found a few.  We will be looking at places this week.  Fun times!  I have to get the kids registered for school too!  Goodbye money!  Hello new place!

 Friends at the park
 Watermelon after the movie
 Kids at the Farm
 This butterfly let me get super close!

 Snow cones!

 Watching a cow get milked!

 Josh loves the baby goats!
 Mom and I finished the girls' dresses!
 My awesome friend and I went to Olive Garden!
 Boys sleeping!
 Lunch at the park
 One room schoolhouse
 The kids loved it!

 Kira wanted to be the sad dunce

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