Sunday, October 26, 2014

Primary Program

I love that in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we let our kids run the meeting once a year.  There was no way that I was missing any of that meeting!  My Dad, Mom, Mother-in-law and two sisters came to see our 4 kids show what they have learned this year.  Emma said her part amazingly well-about James and John who were mending their nets, but left them to follow Jesus.  Ben gave a talk about the Plan of Salvation.  He talked about Adam and Eve coming to earth and choosing to take of the fruit of good and evil because of the serpent (dun dun dun), so they knew good from evil and how Jesus had to die for us, so we can repent of our sins.  He then brought up when we die and go to the spirit world and can go to Celestial the best, telestial [it's really terrestrial] the second best and terrestrial [telestial] the third best and then there was outer darkness for the really bad people.  I'm so proud!  He made people laugh, but he really did a fantastic job telling about the plan of salvation, and that was without a written talk!  A lot of people were talking about it afterwards!  Now people know me at church, because of my awesome son!  Anyway, Kira was next talking about the importance of families.  I was so incredibly proud of her, because she had the shortest part of all of my kids, and she still did her part without complaining (even though she totally wanted to)!  Leah was next and she did a great job talking about our current prophet, Thomas S Monson, who speaks to us at General Conference.  In between the many speakers (we filled up the the whole podium area, plus two risers), the kids sang beautiful songs!  Ben even sang "Families Can Be Together Forever!"  It's his favorite song, and it was the first time I could see him during a song!  Leah sang all of the songs so happy!  Emma got over her stage fright to tell her part.  Kira did a fantastic job looking at the music leader.  I'm one proud momma!  This was the perfect way to start off a new week.  Last week stunk, but this week is going to be amazing!
So the bad news is that we didn't get the amazing house right next to where I work, but the good news is that a kiddo in my class' mom is!  We still don't have a working dryer, but my mom is going to buy us a used one as an early Christmas present!  Our cars are both having problems, but they both technically work.  Our ceiling is still down, but the roofer fixed the huge hole where the water was pouring in.  So, although we may have bad things, we're still doing okay!  I even made cinnamon rolls yesterday!  I'm exhausted, but we're all healthy!  I found out that there are some people who think my pictures are horrible, so I made all of the albums I could only able to be seen by me.  I don't want someone to have to see low quality pictures.  I know that I don't always take amazing pictures, but I'm getting better all of the time!  So, life is good!

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