Monday, June 29, 2009


Poor Scott had a hard time leaving this morning, but he did! I'm so proud of him! And when he got back he was feeling pretty good! In the meantime, I managed to do a few loads of laundry, a huge amount of dishes (we had lasagna yesterday), sort a big basket of socks, keep us all fed, and enjoy some free time. So, yeah! I wasn't at all interested in cooking, so we had hot dogs with chili. Yum. Not so good on the diet scale though. I think I would do better investing in good fruits and vegetables than all this Special K stuff. We'll see.
I took Emma with me to do errands. We went over to my mom's to make sure their dog was fed (Bill did it) and pick up a DVD to return to the library. We went to the library and Emma did pretty good, except for the run toward the Emergency Exit (she was so close to pushing the door handle)! She was excited to pick a movie. She got a Dora movie and a Sesame Street movie. She saw a huge stuffed Elmo and had to give him big hugs. It was pretty cute! Of course that was before the Post Office. Have you ever noticed how many places your kiddo can put letters without you noticing that you can't get back? I know now. I had to send a package to return some stuff and while I was doing that, my adorable little Hash Baz managed to put my Healthwave application and my huge letter to my brother on his mission somewhere. I still don't know where. There's 2 trash cans. One that's locked. There's a recycling bin that's locked. There's 2 mail slots (though I know she couldn't reach those). There's also the Express Mail slot. So, I don't know whether they're gone for good or if I'll be getting Chris' back wanting postage (I hope, I hope!). I was so mad! You know how when you put water in the microwave and it's boiling, but you can't tell. That's how I felt. Then we got home, because there was no way I was taking her with me to the grocery store. And the first thing she did was clim a chair, stand on the cabinet and take down a glass jar of peanuts. Yeesh! Needless to say, she got to go to bed before FHE. Sad, but needed. So, Ben got a personal lesson about Alma. Good for him! Kira will soon be in Louisiana where she's staying for 6 days. I miss her, but it sure is a nice break! I hope she has lots of fun! I even had Kira tape me singing the song we sing at bedtime and post it on Youtube, so she doesn't have any problems. I tried to ease the transition! But, it's time for bed. Especially with Hash-baz waking up about 4 every morning! Meanie!

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