Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Best Day Ever (if you ask Kira)

So, this week I realized that we drive by Pome on the Range everytime we go to and from Olathe and I have always wanted to stop and pick something (peaches, apples, berries...).  Scott and I decided it was doable and planned to go today (Saturday)!  We told the kids and invited my parents (it is the halfway point) on Friday.  I had to get the excitement level up to encourage them to get their chores done before we left.  Getting my kiddos to do their chores is like pulling teeth.  Not just any teeth either.  Molars.  The big ones.  In the very back.  This caused us to leave when I planned on being there.  It still worked out okay though!  Phew!  My niece was even able to come with my parents!  Hurray!  It was incredibly fun/funny watching my kids!  Cecilia had a blast trying to eat the straw out of the bottom of the wagon.  Leah and Emma were content to pick up nasty apples off the ground (which I nixed immediately).  Then Emma discovered that she could climb some of the trees and she was excited!  Kira wanted to take millions of apples off the trees using the cool picking tool.  Ben wanted to jump, jump to get his apples.  The concentration on his face was awesome!  We got started picking apples and then I found a nice spot for pictures.  You know how I love pictures!  I even brought two cameras.  Scott took pictures and I took pictures.  After I write this up, I will put Scott's pictures on the computer.  He probably got some really good ones!  Sometimes it's a matter of luck with kiddos!  Then my parents and Alexis came and my kids were thrilled!  They went running down the aisle/lane/whatever it's called to be with them!  We went to the very back of the row, yes, that's it!  There the apple trees were the perfect size for little girls and their helping adults (mainly my Husband and Dad)!  Between all of us, we picked over 30 pounds of apples.  Yum!  I managed to "lose" my purse which of course I didn't notice until it was time to pay at the counter.  Whoops!  Scott got to pay, while I went searching down the rows and found it!  I'm super glad that I brought the bright orange and yellow purse.  It was very easy to find!  All-in-all, I took a TON of pictures!  Plus my mom and dad took some family pictures!  I love family pictures!  We came home and put my pictures ont he computer and I probably drove my husband crazy with the which one do you like about this one...questions.  Poor guy!  Then I went to the RS Broadcast.  I agree with Emma, not the best day ever (which Kira said), but still a good day.
 Kira was the first one to pick an apple!
 My first kiddo photoshoot in the apples
 Cecilia next to a good apple, no she didn't pick it.  I think she was too scared!
 Lexi's first apple picked.  You can't tell, but she's still in the tree!
 Leah loved having Papaw help her!
 Cecilia with some straw in her hand!
 See how hard Ben's concentrating?
 Kira picked this super cute little apple and I just wanted to get a picture of Cecilia with it.  THis is what she did immediately!  How funny!  We took it away right after the picture!
 See Kira has a ton!
 So did Emma!  I love how she posed everytime she got some!  What a great kid!
 Behind the kids are 30 pounds of apples!
 Cecilia swinging in the little playground
 Our family by the little duck/geese pond
Our family tree!

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