Friday, September 2, 2011

Thursday Tutorial (late)

While I wait for my awesome video to download on Facebook, I'll post one of my tutorials that I made. This is for you Danyelle (since I wasn't sure which headbands you were talking about)!

Supplies needed:  Hot glue gun with extra sticks (they get used fast in this project), fake flowers, desired hair clip and coordinating ribbon if you want to cover the clip.

First you start out with a silk flower or group of flowers.  These were on clearance at Wal-mart.
Then you pull it off by its top (or head)

Here's the group of flowers ready to be made into bows/headbands!
 Then you pull off the ugly green part on the back.
 You take off all the petals startig from the bottom.
 Line them up in order and decide whether you want to keep that middle or not (I usually don't).
 Start from the bottom layer
 and put a glue circle around the center hole.
 Repeat until out of layers.
 Hot glue whatever you're putting in the middle on top.
 Place it and voila!  The top is done!
Then you put a hot glue line in the center of the back and stick the top part of the clip (the one that sticks up) to it!  You're all done if you want a clip!  If you want a headband you'll have to wait for that tutorial!  Sorry, but it's been a loooong day!

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