Friday, September 2, 2011


I now remember why I stink so much at making dentist appointments. Today I had to have two teeth roots removed. The dentist and hygienist did an awesome job (don't get me wrong). I was in and out of there in about an hour! But the whole mouth bleeding thing is not my favorite! I don't like the taste of gauze, I really don't like the metallic taste of blood, and I forgot to eat before the appointment. Ugh! To add to that, I have kiddos. While I was getting my teeth pulled Scott had them in the waiting room and after I was done, the two littlest got more shots (we are dreadfully behind). So, they're needy and I'm needy and Scott has work. I am so glad he has a job though! That is what is helping me get through this. I'm usually at school for almost all of quiet time and obviously Scott hasn't been keeping it going, so it's not going so well. Bummer! I need a nap. Somehow. If my kids would stop fighting and screaming at each other would be fantastic too! I know, I ask too much! I can hear Leah sobbing upstairs right now. Probably because Emma took something and put it somewhere. I love my kids.

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