Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Tutorial-How to make a Cupcake Shirt

I had to make one of these for Emma, because her birthday is coming up and I refuse to pay $30 for a birthday shirt.  I won't tell you how much I paid for everything, but I will be making a considerable amount more than one shirt, so it's okay!

Supplies need:  Pretty fabric or two (at least 1 foot), Tulle in a coordinating color(s) to the fabric(s), scissors, heat n bond (single sheet should be fine), needle and thread.  You also need the pattern, which I will try to remember to include a pdf file for you to click on.  If I don't though, just draw out a cupcake bottom, trace the bottom of a big cup for the tulle circles and the bottom of a smaller cup for the fabric circles.

Now we can begin.  First pick the "cupcake" fabric.  For this one I used actual cupcake fabric.  I am also doing zebra print ones.  I may show those in part 2.
 Turn fabric wrong side up and iron on the heat n bond (following the package instructions).
 Trace (or freehand) the cupcake wrappers.
 Cut them out!
 Cut out the large tulle circles.  You need at least 4 per icing circle and three icing circles per shirt, so 12 tulle circles.
 Cut 12 smaller fabric circles too.
 Go ahead and iron on the cupcake wrapper (so you don't lose it), following the package instructions.
 Now comes the super hard part!  Making these fun little icing circles.  You want to follow this tutorial here to figure out that part and then come back.  JUST DO NOT GLUE ANYTHING!  I chose to simply layer one set of tulle circles and then one set of fabric circles, but you can do it whatever way you would like!  I sewed the sides together which seemed to work to keep them in their spots as I wanted. 

Here they are with all three icing circles gently sewn on.  When I add the centers, I'll sew a LOT more!  I want those to stay on! 
I chose huge heart buttons.  Here is the result:
She was pretty happy with her birthday outfit (I made a matching tutu with the same color tulle)!

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