Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Great" American Market

I should have known better.  I gave myself three weeks to make a huge stash of things to sell.  With being a mom of five kids, a Den mom and a full-time student, I'm not sure what I was thinking!  I got a few things done before Friday and then worked liked crazy on Friday, without going to sleep.  Yeah.  Second bad idea.  So, I quickly fed Cecilia before six in the morning, got everything in the car and parked a couple blocks away to tote my items for sale and the table in two trips.  That actually kept me warm for the first little while, which was great because I was freezing for the first few hours (I forgot my jacket)!  My back kept seizing up and I'm pretty sure the bucket I was sitting on wasn't very helpful!  Oh well!  I managed to make a couple tutus while waiting for more customers!  I didn't make much in the morning at all.  Scott came and brought the kids for a little bit and we had tacos and fruit for lunch.  I fed Cecilia again, enough to last her to the end!  I actually had a couple people ask me to make things and sign up to be in my crafts class that I'm starting.  Hurray!  I have wanted to teach craft classes for awhile.  My sister-in-law was kind enough to initially teach me to make bows and it led to me loving it and learning to make lots of different new things!  So, I would like to do the same thing for others!  That and I love teaching (hence the reason I'm in school to become a Teacher)!  Either way I learned people really like John Deere everything and my cute Turkey shirts!  I love the Turkey shirts too, so I don't blame them!  Fun times...  I was by myself so I had to run to a booth to get drinks when I ran out of water in both of my water bottles.  I had to do that twice.  So, I got enough to drink, but forgot suntan lotion and burned.  Luckily only a little!  I had great deals at the end, and ended up "making" $100.  That doesn't include what I spent making it (by any means), so I will be selling items in my WePay Store, as soon as I get them on there!  If I'm smart I will put the hyperlink in here once I do!  Danyelle, in case you read this, I sold at least one of your books!  I'm going to talk to people at RS on Tuesday too!  I was exhausted, but got everything packed back up and managed to get a few groceries, make dinner and was out a little after nine.  So out that I didn't turn off the light and when I woke up at five I was pretty surprised!  I'm glad I tried it out, but I doubt I'll do it again.  Here's some pics!
 My setup
 I also have the opposite (K-State crushing KU) and a regular green one.
 The Turkey shirt
 John Deere tractor and I also did a plain green tractor
 Tie shirt
 K-State one and I have KU and Chiefs
 The John Deere Diaper Cake
 Another Diaper Cake
 The Pink Zebra Diaper Cake (also has swim diapers)
The boy's tool diaper cake

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