Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Application in!

After working super hard yesterday and today, I got my Block I Application in (which means I'll only have 3 semesters left)!  Woohoo!  I've felt completely unorganized lately (imagine, having five kids and not being organized) and time has been flying!  So, I'm just taking things a day at a time and to get things figured out and paperwork turned in is HUGE!  It makes me happy!  I rewarded my Cub Scouts for their hard work and let them watch half of Cars 2, which went over very well!  Ben went ahead and finished it and was walking around with the laptop until he finished!  He was super excited and told me the ending (grrrr), but he can't wait for Cars 3 (maybe in five years?)! 
On another subject, this whole going to school for a ton of hours isn't good for my psyche.  My girls have been crying when I leave to go to school and need tons of hugs and kisses and when I get home, Cecilia doesn't want to let go of me at all!   It's so hard leaving them and I'm leaving them with their dad!  They get to stay at home and play!  I wonder how they're going to do this weekend when I go to Time Out for Women without them (my husband doesn't want everyone to go up)!  I hope all goes well!  It's so hard knowing I have to go to school in order to support them!  I'm teaching them that education is important, but hope I'm not teaching them that it's more important than they are, because they are the first on my list!  I LOVE my kids!  I just need to go to school to be a better mom, and I hope they understand as they get older!

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