Sunday, November 27, 2011


Last Monday I was able to fix my dryer-with help from Scott.  Hurray!  That made me super happy!  So, I was able to pay $30 and had a working dryer again!  I only had one class on Tuesday, and did pretty well.  My art teacher seems to like what I'm doing lately.  Strange.  I'm not used to having my stuff pointed out to the whole class, so it's really awkward for me.  Either way, Emma was thrilled that she had me at home!  My girls have missed me a lot lately while I am school.  It makes it hard for me to be on time to school, because of all the kisses, hugs and reassurances I give on my way out.  I'd rather be late than have my girls sad! 
Wednesday we got some cleaning done and lots of laundry! 
Thursday was Ben, Kira and my first Turkey Dash.  We had to be there at 7:30 and ran late (of course).  So, it had started as we were running up.  Ben stayed with us for a little while and I gave him my car keys, because he had pockets.  Then he ran off once he realized this was a race and there was a winner!  We didn't see him for the rest of the race.  I was super worried, because Kira was not able to run very often,  so we had to walk a lot.  I had her run downhill everytime though.  I knew there was no way that we could catch up to Ben, so I called Scott to have him meet him at the Finish Line.  We were at the First Mile at that point and Ben was done when Scott go there.  He was just sitting on the sidewalk.  When Kira and I were near the end (the last two blocks), I wanted to run in, but Kira's side was hurting her from her skipping.  Poor kiddo!  I could hear Ben yelling and screaming, but Kira cried whenever I went off without her.  We finally finished our 5K in about 52 minutes.  The good news is that we weren't last!  There was another ten people or so behind us!  Ben was mad, because he didn't win!  There were Cross Country kids that won and got trophies.  I thought it was sad that the elementary school that put this on, wouldn't think of having age or grade rewards, not just the first three people.  Personal opinion and all.  Ben refused to get his picture taken and everything.  So, the only picture I have is of him running away at the beginning of the race!  Yeah.
 He's in the white shirt in front of Kira in the pink.
 Kira and the sunrise
After the finish.
We went home and finished the packing to head up to Olathe.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving lunch!  Later that afternoon I got some sales at Old Navy, Michael's and K-Mart.  We had leftovers and put the kids to bed.  Once Cecilia was asleep, I headed out again.  I went to Old Navy and waited in line for an hour and a half to get a free Kodak waterproof camera!  I got it!  Then I went to Target and only had to wait in line for a little while before getting the sales there.  The line to buy took about half an hour.  I tried Kohl's next, but it was so packed, I said nevermind and left.  I got to Toys R Us about one and left at two with my sales.  At that point I was exhausted, so I went back to my parents' house to finally sleep!
Taken with my new underwater camera
Saturday was Ben's birthday, so he got his presents first thing in the morning.  I had bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast and he loved them!  We had Burger King for lunch and it was the worst Burger King ever!  They didn't have ketchup (but gave us the little packets), barbecue sauce, apple juice, carbonation, Sprite or toilet paper.  Ben only gets Sprite, so declared it, "The Worst Birthday ever!"  And Emma is the worst sister ever, because she didn't want to swap toys with him.  Oh well!  We had cake and ice cream sandwiches at dinner time.  And food when we got home.  I gave Ben his presents from us and he LOVES his Leapster (that I got super cheap)!  So much so that he had a hard time sleeping.  But he's learning!  I ordered a couple more games to focus on Math and they'll be here next week.  Fun!
 Huffing and puffing and blowing the cakes down!
With his Leapster

As for today I tied some loose ends together for my talk and luckily I prepared a lot, since I was the last speaker!  I was told that I was the middle speaker!  Scott was sick, so he stayed home.  Luckily I had some people help me out with my kiddos.  They probably got tired of seeing Emma and Leah going up and down and up and down.  Either way, I made it though and only cried a little at the end when I talked about how grateful I was for all of the people that have helped us out!  Nursery went pretty well.  Cecilia did fantastic!  And our usual crier made it all the way through!  I was THRILLED!  Leah didn't terrorize too many people.  Phew!  And Scott even let me take a nap after lunch!  Woohoo!

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