Friday, November 18, 2011

What a day!

And it's not over yet!  I stayed up late last night watching some Westhoff movies to decide which 24 I wanted to send off to be professionally done (it was super expensive, so I could only do 24)!  My favorite one was when my family came to carol Scott's family.  It's funny to think that I was technically one of their kin before the next Christmas!  Yep!  My next favorite was watching the Utah Westhoffs with the "baby" back in 93 (I think).  Super cute baby, so I was sad that there was no sound! 
I had the opportunity to wake up early and do math problems, because that's what Scott's alarm clock makes you do to turn it off or snooze.  Very nice!  Too bad it didn't wake him up.
Anyway.  I got the kids to school.  I even dropped them off early!  Hurray!  I got to work on washing some clothes, so we have clothes to wear over the weekend.  I was ready to go to the Laundromat when Scott announces his wallet disappeared!  Aaahhhh!!!!  He has this test he had to take at 4 in Topeka and had to have a photo id.  The test cost $80 and he has to take and pass it to graduate next month, so very important!  We spent the next hour, if not longer, trying to find his wallet.  I found all kinds of other lost stuff though, so that was happy!  We now have a DVD player remote again.  I can Zumba again!  We have 2 cordless phones again!  And I was able to turn in a library book that was due today!  Since I've already paid $25 in late fines for this book, the last thing I wanted to have to do was buy it!  Either way, it turned up in a super simple place!  I felt bad, because I prayed and all I got was that it was dark where it was.  And it was.  It was up under Ben's dirty clothes!  We found it with enough time for me to dry our clothes at the Laundromat.  Phew! 
So, I brought our washed clothes and dried them at the Laundromat.  It only cot $3.25.  Not too bad!  As I waited I cut out everything to make 6 Turkey shirts.  So, now all I have to do is iron them on!  Bring on Thanksgiving!
Scott got to leave with plenty of time to take his test and in about an hour and a half he should be done!  After he left I got the girls ready to go and went to return the book to the library and send off the box with the 24 videos.  I went to the UPS and it turns out that they're only open from 4:30-6:30 pm.  Yeah.  So, that was a no-go.  I went to Staples and sent it off there and picked up some more DVDs, so when I get the DVDs back, I can make copies.  While waiting in the line, Leah put Mentos in her jacket pocket.  Luckily the lady behind me pointed it out, so I could put them back.  She said she was "hungee."  I explain to my children a lot that hungry is not real if you want candy.  Hungry is for real food.  My opinion.  I really don't like my kids having candy!  We checked out and went to get Ben and Kira from school.  Since Leah is obviously starving to death, she proceeded to scream and cry and refuse to walk.  It's a good thing this is a small school and people know us!  Two-year-olds!  I get everyone home safely and maybe five minutes later (I put her on the stairs until she calmed down), she's fine and apologizes.  I'm convinced all 2 year olds are bipolar!  Maybe I'll do a Master's Thesis on that someday!
Yep.  It's been a day of highs and lows, so I'll settle for some middle this evening!  Yeah, here's hoping!

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