Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fun long weekend

On Friday (Veteran's Day), Ben and I got to be in the parade with all of the other Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts!  Ben and I were in the back of a Hummer (which is incredibly uncomfortable, in case you were wondering) with a tank right behind us!  The pictures are all on the laptop which is with Scott in Olathe, so I'll add pictures at some point.  Scott was kind enough to stand with the kids where I could see them!  Hurray!  Last year I was incredibly sad that I didn't see them!  It's really nice to have our own cell phones, so we can communicate! 
After the parade, we went to the Park, where I did Desiree's Senior Photoshoot and the kids got to play for a couple of hours!  They were happy campers!  I would have been happier if I hadn't needed to hold the lens on, because one of the screw on pieces broke.  But the pictures still turned out fantastic!
We packed and headed to Olathe.  In separate cars, so Scott, Emma and Leah can stay for a few more days.  It was nice to be able to wake up in the morning and go take my test.  I had to take the PPST at a special testing center.  I got 183 and 185 on the Reading and Math parts (out of 190).  That makes me very happy!  I also did it in in less than half of the time needed.  Which is fantastic considering I would have gone crazy spending four and a half hours taking a test!  Now I just have to retake a Handwriting test (and finish this semester out) and I'll be ready for Block I.  Then I'll "only" have a year and a half till I graduate!  Hip hip hurray! 
We hung out with family until I had to head out with Ben, Kira and Cecilia.  We came home and Ben and Kira went straight to bed, at six pm.  That should have been my first hint!  Cecilia kept me up a little later than I would have liked.  Pretty soon after I went to sleep I heard one of my least favorite sounds ever!  Ben was SICK!  And I got to clean it up.  Yuck!  Usually that's Scott's job.  So, he lucked out this time!  I didn't feel well either, but I didn't throw up, so I consider it a SUCCESS!  And Ben's feeling fine this morning.  At least that's what I assume after watching him eat an apple, orange, strawberries and some Lemonade cookies.  Kira is fine, so she's been "helping out."  She made Ben some toaster strudels and me two "I love you" cards!

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