Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've started my "diet"

And by diet, I mean actually eating the right amount of calories, not eating junk, and not eating at all after nine.  Although I did eat some carrots thirty minutes ago, at least it wasn't junk.  Right?  I'm not reading as much (probably because I have a ton of homework) and I am trying to exercise, but I'm stinking bad at scheduling time.  In the meantime, Time Out for Women was awesome last weekend!  I really do think they should expand it to be two days, instead of just a day.  Here's some of my pics from it!
 Michael McLain

 Jericho Road
Cecilia walking around as Anthony Sweat talked.  We liked the big open lobby that was perfect for toddlers to walk in!

I loved the Spirit that was there.  I was really hoping to keep that for awhile!  Not so much.  The kids had a HARD time while I was gone!  Poor kiddos!  The good news is that I bought the DVD from last year (for $10, a LOT cheaper than the $50 to go). So, I can try to get that Spirit back!  As often as I need to!

I'm getting busy with school, and haven't been able to craft much, but since I still need to get all of my super-cute appliqued shirts on Etsy, I am not too worried!  I am looking forward to getting my photography business off the ground.  I have backdrops, props, a great camera and a LOT of posing guides.  I'm ready!  

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