Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make a Snowman the warm way!

A Tuesday Tutorial of sorts.
I made this, because I wanted to sell some of the shirts I had made, so I posted them online and got a response of:  Can you make this?  Really?  I'm trying to sell stuff and you want me to make something else instead?  Of course, I took her up on the challenge and spent money to buy all of the necessary items.  Which only works out okay if MORE THAN ONE PERSON BUYS ONE!  So, to make myself feel better, I'm posting it here, so you all can make it!
 Materials needed:  Shirt/Onesie (or whatever clothing you want to add a snowman to), Wonder Under-Lite, Scarf material, White felt/flannel, and a little bit of orange material, the template which consists of a large circle, a small circle, a long neck piece, two large triangles and a small carrot triangle; Some tiny black buttons, scissors, an iron and ironing board, clear and black thread and a needle-I got everything at Wal-mart).
 Technically, before this point, you were supposed to wash all of the fabric, but surely you already did that, right?  And you ironed out the material, yes?  Now you iron the Wonder-Under (or whatever it's called) to the WRONG side of the fabric! 
 After it's cooled, you cut out the pieces and place them how you like them!
 Then you iron the clothing you're putting it on (which you've already washed, of course)!
 Now, figure out where you want to place it!
 Iron the bottom scarf part first!
 Then the head and carrot nose.
 Then the body-I did mention that you take the little paper off and you follow package directions, didn't I?
 Now iron on the top scarf parts.
 Sew on the little buttons wherever you would like with black thread.  Make sure they don't go anywhere!
Now sew all around every edge!  I edged the snowman with clear first, then the scarf with a matching color.
Tada!  Now you can make your very own Snowman!  Or if you still want me to make it, I have a few shirts in 12-24 months and 24 months that are just waiting for adornments!  But, it'll cost you ten bucks!  Hahahaha!

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