Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting ready for the 4th!

Yesterday my favorite crafting site posted a tutorial for a Mini top hat.  I was super excited and left at 11pm to go and get the felt I needed (plus cream cheese since I also spotted an awesome cinnamon roll recipe).  So, after I got home, I got to work!  First I went to the website and printed out the pattern.  Then I added about an inch to each side of each pattern.  That mini top hat would have been too mini for me and my kiddos!  I cut everything out and checked it.  It worked (the second time).  Then I tried to follow her instructions, but they didn't make sense to me.  Which made me feel crafting challenged.  Then I realized I don't usually follow directions anyways, so I made it my way.  First I sewed the big middle part together at the seam, then I sewed it to the brim.  Then I sewed the top of the hat on.  All using my sewing machine.  I flipped it right side out and I added cardboard a little smaller than the pattern for the top and the middle and the bottom and added it inside.  After that I was able to sew on the bottom felt to complete the initial hat.  I wanted to make it ready for the fourth, so I added some Fourth of July ribbon.  I  Then I made a matching bow tie.  It's going to be so cute!  Thankfully, I was only up until 3 doing it!  Here's the result!
I can't wait to see it on my little man!

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