Sunday, June 2, 2013

Guess the Bunny

Last Saturday, we went to Petland and played with all of the critters there.  Scott told me that he'd never buy a bunny.  Later, a lady told us there was a bunny in our backyard.  Kira and I went looking and saw it in our wheelbarrow.  It was a pretty cute lil' bunny!  It was still hanging out on Sunday.  Then on Monday the bunny came in our garage, so Scott shut the door and said it was ours.  The kiddos were all super excited and grabbed lettuce and carrots.

Scott told the kids they couldn't try to hold it until tomorrow and we named it Guess.  Although Kira informed me that it's full name was Guess Epic Westhoff.  Scott has always joked that we should name a kid Guess.  (I always fill out the birth certificate beforehand in order to prevent that from happening.)  We put food and water out and the kiddos made Guess a bed.  On Tuesday the kids started holding her.  Leah especially!  Josh just grabbed at her ears, but she took it well (and we helped Josh).  Cecilia was still scared of it:  "Gonna eat me!"  Once she established that it was a cute little bunny, she was okay with it, but still freaked out when it hopped!  Guess loved hopping around our house!  We got her spinach and she loved it! Friday the kids "lost" her and destroyed the garage looking for her.  She was in a closet, probably where Emma put her.  Yesterday we were spending lots of cuddling time with her.  I got some pictures of Leah holding her.  

Leah gave her to me and she crawled up on my shoulder, which I thought was strange.  Kira laughed when she saw Guess and took her back upstairs.  A little while later Kira comes down telling me that Guess isn't breathing!  She was gone.  My poor kids!  They said Guess kept fidgeting a lot, but the girls kept holding her.  They put her on a bed and covered her with a blanket (just her body, not her head).  They they saw she wasn't moving and brought her to me.  I laid her in her bed (we had bought rabbit food and bedding a few days ago) and took them out for distractions-popsicles.  Scott came home and dug out a hole while we found a box (a tissue box) to put Guess in.  We had a little funeral service where everyone talked about how much they loved Guess and then they took turns burying her.  They had their Dad bring a big rock to put on top (it was HUGE)!  And they wrote on it "Guess Epic Westhoff."
 Kira was in charge of the Eulogy and tissues.
 Emma was the trash bag holder (for all of the used tissues).
 Cecilia just played in the dirt.
 Emma was the pallbearer.
 And first shoveler.
 Then Kira
 And Leah.  Emma finished it off.
There lies Guess.

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