Monday, June 10, 2013

Our first bone break

And it was a "good" one.  While I was on my way home from doing laundry at my mom's house (our washer is sooooo broke), Scott calls to ask when I will be coming home and then I hear the screams.  The screams that a mom (or dad) never want to hear.  I just listened as Scott talked to her and when I got home, I raced in to check in.  It was Leah.  She was jumping off an empty water barrel into the empty sandbox (they call it a pool) and Emma went up under her, so she landed on her elbow.  She wouldn't even let me try to bend it, so I put her flip flops on and we were off to the hospital.  We went through triage pretty quickly and were in a room.  Lucky for us, ABC Family was playing Monsters Inc!  It was a great distraction for my poor little girl!  After a little while, I was able to see the swelling.  Yikes!  It really didn't look good!  I was hoping her elbow had just popped out of socket.  The x-rays confirmed it was broke.  It is a supracogylur (some strange spelling) fraction.  So, they splinted her arm and put ice on (not as kindly as I would have liked).  Then they gave me general directions and off we went to the hospital.  I got a little bit of gas and headed downtown, to get lost.  Super lost.  I was so glad Leah was sleeping through my wrong turns.  Scott helped me figure out where I was and we finally made it!  Then I had to carry her inside with her iv and splinted arms.  It was 11pm at that point.
We waited in the waiting room there for about an hour playing on the Kindle.  We got a room in the ER there and watched Charlotte's Web on my Kindle.  She got another set of x-rays (the last ones stunk).  She actually cried, so she got more meds.  She must have an awesome pain tolerance, because she hardly cried the whole time!  Amazing!  Then they let Leah pick a movie!  So she picked My Little Pony.  She was pretty excited.  She couldn't sleep with all of the excitement, and the constant asking her to move her fingers and "Can you feel this?"  She was so thirsty, but couldn't eat or drink anything.
We finally got admitted and put into a room (Leah got her 3rd hospital bracelet and I got my first one).  Soon after Leah was wipe bathed and put in a gown, she fell asleep (at 3 in the morning).  After all of the talking and texting, I got to sleep at a little after 3:30 am.  Leah slept until a little bit before her surgery.  She was so excited to wake up and see her Aunt Kim!  And Aunt Kim brought food for me!  Woohoo!  Hurray for awesome sisters (My other sister finished my laundry for me)!  Kim helped me distract her before and after the surgery.  Leah did fantastic!  She had 3 pins put in and a purple cast to cover it.  It took her awhile to wake up and then she was ready to drink and eat.  She got a sippy cup with apple juice and had no problem drinking it.  She ordered mac and cheese, bacon, blueberries, a grape slushie and a vanilla milkshake with sprinkles.  I had to feed her, but she ate a lot of it!  She was sad there was only 2 pieces of bacon!  No problem with her appetite!  She was raring to go at that point.  I told her she had to potty, so she went.  Then we couldn't get her dress back on, so the nurse sent for clothes.  We had to cut the shirt sleeve, but it worked!  We picked up her meds from the Pharmacy there and went to my parents' house.  Mandy had made chili!  Yum!  We ate, then Josh and Kim came.  I had missed my little man!  The rest of my kids came and they were all thrilled to see Leah and her cast!  I took Josh and we fell asleep.  I only slept four hours on a couch bed.  I'm still exhausted, but read Fablehaven (we're almost done with book 4) to the kids and three of the girls fell asleep (including Leah)!  Now to figure out fun things for her to do this next month.

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