Sunday, June 30, 2013

One more week!

Less than one week until Leah's cast comes off!  Woohoo!  Hurray for baths and getting her fully clean!  Sponge baths really aren't that great for "long-term!"  I have had an awesome week for getting things I need! I now have my teacher's license and all of my transcripts!  Now to make the most awesome portfolio ever!  I have a pretty fantastic online portfolio, but I need to translate that to a real copy!  I didn't start applying to Missouri this week.  Instead I concentrated on more of Kansas and branching out more (with Scott's approval).  I was trying to stay close to an ITT Tech for him, but he decided to quit it (since his classes right now are beyond boring, expensive and way beneath him-beginning math and writing).  So, now I'm able to apply anywhere!  I'm sticking to Kansas, because I really can't afford another $100 for a Missouri license.  And my back up plan is being a sub, which I can do here without a problem.  We didn't really do anything super fun outside of the house this week.  We made fun little hats, played games (inside and outside) and read books though!  No tv.  I told them no tv until the house was fully clean and when it is, we're going to Chuck E Cheese's.  They have such awesome imaginations, that they're doing pretty well without tv.  I occasionally turn on Pandora as we clean, and we have watched some home movies (and Kid snippets) on youtube, but that's it.  
 Catching fireflies

 With hats I made

 Making celery prints

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