Monday, March 14, 2011

Another day

Well, poor Scott now has Strep Throat.  Will it ever end?  I'm a whole lot tired of him sleeping half of the day, even though I know he needs it.  So, I feel bad!  Oh well!  The good news is that I managed to get a B on the huge test a couple weeks ago that I was super worried about, and on the test last week after I missed three days of class!  Phew!  Heavenly Father obviously loves me enough to help me with my tests, because there's no way that I did it on my own with hardly any sleep and not studying much (if at all)!  Yes, I'm such a good student (said with sarcasm).  I think my biggest problem is that I find things at school so easy that it's ridiculous.  So, I have a tough time remembering to do things beforehand, because I don't even think about school outside of being there for the most part.  I did just register for Summer and Fall!  Woohoo!  If only I could take more credits in the Summer!  I wanted to take five classes, because they are all short and I would only be taking one at a time.  But, no, I can only take 12 credits, so I'm taking 11.  And in the Fall I'm taking 14, depending on Scott's schedule.  I really don't like how this school schedules classes.  And the lack of class times variety.  I need to be on a Tuesday Thursday schedule and can't because so many of my classes are only on Monday or Wednesday.  We'll see how it goes, because it's always quite the production to get our classes worked out together!  More good news in that I have started some Spring Cleaning.  In order to swap out my old computer desk for the new desk, I got rid of a lot of junk!  It's always so nice to get rid of stuff!  And now that Scott has a new laptop, I got his old one.  So, it's the kids' computer desk now.  Mostly.  I built it with Scott.  We make a pretty great building team!  We built it in about an hour before we took the kids to the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  It was really quiet!  The only noise came from the motorcycles and there was one Irish band.  So, Cecilia had no problem sleeping though it!  Always good.  Now I'm waiting for a phone call from the Sweet Granada.  They have some double dipped cherries and I'm hoping to get some white chocolate cherries custom made.  They're going to call and give me an estimate!  Yum!


  1. I'm definately amazed at how much you do and DO IT WELL!!! Sometimes it makes me exhausted just reading your blog ;). Wish I had your motivation!

  2. Motivation? What motivation? I'm just taking it a minute at a time!