Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break

Be forewarned there's a TON of pictures, and not of all of my kiddos.  Sorry!  So, we started off spring break with the trip to Olathe and then a few days later planned to go to Louisiana as a family.  That didn't happen!  Emma and Leah got chicken pox with Scott having Shingles and then the day before we were going to leave Ben threw up.  That was pretty much it for me!  Luckily, my parents were willing to let Cecilia and I ride with them.  I wasn't risking taking Kira with me and her getting sick (though she was fine the whole time I was gone, of course).  So, first thing on Wednesday morning I headed to Olathe to ride with my parents and my sister to Louisiana.  Cecilia did pretty well on the long trip!  The last three hours she got mad!  She wanted out of that seat and now!  Poor baby!  But, we made it safely!  We got to stay in my cousin's travel trailer.  I really like it!  It had three beds, a bathroom, a little fridge, stovetop and microwave and such.  Very nice!  Anyway, we got to spend time with my Aunt Jan, Uncle Kenneth (Cecilia LOVES him), cousin Tommy, and Mamaw in between the viewing and funeral (my Uncle's brother died), the Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding!  Wow!  Though mainly I hung out at Aunt Jan's house with Cecilia watching the DIY Network.  Someday when I have my own house...  After the wedding and reception we got to hang out outside in the nice 80s air.  Ahhhhh...  We came home after Sacrament meeting on Sunday to snow.  Bummer!  Scott has a virus, but everyone else is well!  Hurray!  Now, on to the loads of pictures!
                        On a walk with my sister and cousin
                                Sitting all by herself in a little rocking chair!  I want one!
                                       Four generations!
                               My cousin and his new wife
                                 Hanging out in the warm air!
                              She couldn't drive it, but it was still cute!
                         She really did love her, I just didn't get the good pictures!
                                   Taken on the walk.  I think it's beautiful!

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