Monday, March 7, 2011

Miracle Monday

Though this could have been another moaning post, with Leah now having the Fever and wanting me to constantly hold her, Cecilia "starving," Ben being sick, and Scott having his heart pounding out of his chest.  So, we had the opportunity to bring Scott to the ER.  My mom and sister Sam came to the rescue!  So, I only had to entertain four children for two hours!  There was a guy in there waiting for one of his employees and he bought the kids a Skittles bag and they all shared so nicely!  How nice!  Then they sent a woman up and she watched the kids while I went back to check on Scott.  She even brought coloring pages and crayons.  How nice!  My mom and Sam showed up and took all the kiddos, but Cecilia (since she needs me).  Then I got to hang out in the back room with Scott and see what was going on!  Due to their not having a cardiologist and with Scott's crazy looking heart rate, he was ambulanced to Topeka!  Next miracle was Sister East texting me to find out our address for her daughter's upcoming birthday party and I told her what was up and she volunteered to watch my kids!  So, my mom got Kira from school and dropped off the kiddos!  Another miracle:  Somehow, between Scott and I, we had the exact amount of money needed for the toll for two trips back and forth, which is perfect since I'm not leaving until he's coming home tomorrow (I hope!).  I followed my mom to Topeka (she has a GPS) to find that they weren't going to do anything today, because he came too late, but will start tests first thing in the morning.  I did get to meet with the heart doctor.  The parents and we agree that he's a very nice doctor!  The next miracle was the fact that his mom was able to come and stay the night with him, so I didn't have to leave him alone (that would have broke my heart)!  Jes is so sweet for giving up her help!  Since she just had her baby and their mom was helping her.  I feel bad for taking her away, but I'm very thankful!  I'm so overwhelmed with everything today!  Poor Scott!  But, we're lucky that things are going so well!  Scott's a fib regulated (or converted)!  Woohoo!  Thanks for Priesthood blessings, home teachers and Missionaries!  I think that made a WORLD of difference!  Our God is a God of Miracles and that's how I made it through this day!

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  1. And now he's home from the hospital (finally)! They couldn't find anything wrong with him, probably because he had a blessing right before he was ambulanced to Topeka!