Thursday, December 1, 2011

One of a kind

I love that everyone in my family is (without a doubt) one-of-a-kind!  Right now Ben is running around telling himself jokes and laughing!  It's great!  Then he noticed me watching him and calmed down for (maybe) two seconds! 
Kira is so excited to get glasses!  We went in yesterday to have her eyes checked, because she's having such a hard time with reading and spelling.  She is farsighted, so we were right that she needed glasses!  I was checked as well and I'm a tiny bit farsighted, so I get glasses to wear when I'm reading close or on the computer for a long time, so my eyes don't stress out.  Kira and I both picked pretty cool glasses!  Now we just have to wait to get them.  We were told they would be done today, but no dice.  Kira was so bummed!  She's been talking up her glasses at school, so everyone is excited to see them!  The lady helping us pick our glasses loved how excited Kira was to wear glasses!  Kira was thrilled that she got to eat candy on our way home, because she turned in her reading calendar and couldn't have the chocolate sandwich, so she got to pick 3 pieces of candy!  Woohoo! 
Emma says she can do everything by herself, except chores.  She can only turn on the sink and flush the toilet (according to her).  No matter what chore she is assigned, she is convinced that another chore would be easier!  So, yesterday she did someone else's chore to be tricky.  What a silly goose! 
Leah desperately needs her nap daily!  Whenever she falls asleep right before the kids get out of school, it does not go well for us!  Especially since she doesn't like wearing warm clothing!  She will wear a shirt and shoes, no problem, but pants...  Big problem!  Poor kiddo having to wake up to getting covered up.  Then as I put Cecilia in the stroller, she took her pants off.  Sheesh!  Not many kids would be willing to freeze for the joy of not wearing pants.  Well, at least kids that aren't 2!  I still made her put on pants and Emma's coat (since Emma took her coat).  Poor kid cried at least half of the way to the school, but we made it!  She cracks me up at least once a day though!  Today she said something that sounded like, "I don't like you."  So, I was sad and asked her why.  She just laughed and ran away, but about a minute later, "I DO like you mommy!"  Phew!  I was worried!  She keeps telling me that she likes my hair too.  What she really likes is having her hair brushed!  She will sometimes brush my hair three times or so, tell me how pretty it is and then have me brush her hair.  Which I gladly do, because I understand the motivation!  I love having my hair brushed too!
Cecilia, oh that adorable baby girl.  Who woke me up at 4 this morning, starving to death (obviously).  She ate out of both sides and was sobbing, because she was still hungry, but didn't want the right side again, oh no, she needed the left side.  Okay!  So I fed her again on that side and finally got her calmed down and asleep again!  Woohoo!  She's such a great baby!  She is always so excited to see me, especially when I have been at school and I go up to check and see if she's awake yet, and she wakes up to see me.  Oh! How it warms my heart!  I love that baby girl!  She snuggles with me, fights for lap rights with Leah, and walks so very well!  I'm so excited to do her 1st birthday pictures!
And Scott, he's so willing to work hard!  He had me apply him to a job at Dillon's stocking overnight, so we would never have to worry about a babysitter!  How sweet!  He worked super hard and had his Senior Capstone Presentation today and talked for the whole 30 minutes!  I wish I could have been there, but it sounded like he did a great job!  He was working so hard on that while I was at school that he didn't notice the girls trailing food and stomping it into the carpet until it was too late!  So, he apologized to me about the condition of the house before I came in.  What a sweetheart!  (I'm still working on getting it all cleaned up though!) He's such a great husband and I love him lots and lots!  We're coming up on our 10th Anniversary!  I can't say that it feels like no time, because it absolutely feels like we've been married at least ten years!  And we get to be married forever!  Hurray!

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