Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bad news, again?

I think it's very interesting when I hear someone complain about their money situation.  I know that I do, but usually it's just with my husband.  I don't think it helps to complain about it.  I prefer to think positively that things will work out!  We have so much and are so lucky!  We have great families and kiddos who are (for the most part) very understanding about us not being able to spend money.  Every once in a while they ask questions or complain, but that's very rare.  We have an adorable little baby boy who is very healthy!  We have two vehicles that run pretty well!  We have a place to live!  Scott may not have gotten the school job, but maybe he'll be able to find something better?  I still have plenty of hope left, so we'll be just fine!

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