Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 31st Birthday.  I woke up early, because the guy was supposed to come and fix the girls' windows.  No dice, he didn't show.  Oh well!  I got my photo props all set up outside and took pictures of Josh in the bed I made for pictures, using the blankets I made.  Woohoo!  I was so excited when the very first picture I took was AWESOME!
I made everything but the owl, that is courtesy of Fuzzy Wuzzy Boutique.  She makes awesome owls!  I was so lucky to win one a month for a year!  My kids are LOVING them!
Here's some more of my favorites, before editing, since I can't bring myself to edit on Sunday.
I made the hat.
I LOVE the glow!
And I made this hat.

 Ben holding Cecilia's hand as they walk to the Park.
 All six of my kids!
 My boys!
 Scott is all about beeping noses!
 I love it!
He's so little!
Soon after I took pictures, Josh and I went over to my family's house.  Mandy dyed my hair a little lighter.  I guess my hair looked purple while the dye was setting.  Us girls (and Josh) went to Texas Roadhouse to eat. Yum!  Then we got an ice cream cake and went back to my house to have cake.  The kids really liked it!  Which was great considering I hadn't made cupcakes (oops)!  We went to see Avengers.  I thought it was a pretty good movie!  Lots of funny moments intermingled with action, so a good combo!  Josh managed to sleep through it, which was crazy, considering how loud it was!  We went back to my parents' house and Mandy put the highlights in.  I packed up all of my awesome birthday presents (I got a Kindle Fire and case and lots of other cool stuff) and came home.  Poor Josh wanted attention and I had to rinse and condition my hair.  Luckily Scott was up to give him some daddy time!  Scott even swept the kitchen floor!  Happy Birthday to me!
And now, some more pictures:
 Aunt Sam finally got to hold Josh!
 His little tie onesie is one of the few onesies he has that fit!
 Wrapped in his new blanket from Chris and Melissa!
 My highlights from the top.  They kinda match my eyes...
 And from the front
Here's Kira taking her turn on my Kindle.  Although technically, she was taking my turn.  Now they're watching Johnny Lingo.  I love it!

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