Thursday, July 19, 2012

Once again...

We have no money, but sure have an adorable baby!  I think we're so lucky to have such incredibly cute kids!  They are great kids!  This morning Emma and Kira worked together to make breakfast, so I could feed Josh (for what seemed like hours)!  Kira also did some laundry, and felt horrible about not getting the trash out in time!  She did get the recycling out though, and that one was full!  She was so excited to stay over at her mamaw's house!  She was willing to do whatever it took in order to get that break!  I love that my mom is helping me out!  We only have seven seats in our van, so can't fit everyone!  My mom even bought the kids' school supplies!  Awesome!
I'm recovering pretty well, and Josh seems to be doing pretty great!  He's a whole week old today!  I got my birthday present early!  All I wanted was to have my baby out and not be in the hospital for my birthday!  Success!
The whole not having money at all is stressing, but I'm trying to avoid thinking about it, in the hopes I don't freak out.  Scott's interview with the Principal yesterday went well, so we have high hopes that he'll get the job.  But, it doesn't start until next month.  I'm just going to take a lot of deep breaths, and keep praying!
I was super excited yesterday, because the lady I do reviews/giveaways for (on her blog), had us do some of the write ups for her and I got paid $50!  Now to figure out how to do that "full-time!"  It only took me about an hour and I was able to feed Josh as I did it, so perfect!
I've been getting free books on my Kindle daily too.  I love free stuff!  I'll be ready for a ton of animal lesson plans!
In other news, Leah had dental surgery yesterday and I felt so horrible for her for the hour (or so) that she was sad, because her mouth was frozen.  Then she slept and when she woke up, she felt MUCH better!  But then she realized how huge her "new" tooth was.  Seriously, it looks like the one and only adult tooth in my little three-year-old's mouth!  It looks a little vampire-y.
I'm super looking forward to doing Josh's bed pictures (using the bed I made)!  I was just waiting until I was recovered enough to be carrying that heavy bed.  I'm ready!  Bring on the cute pictures!

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