Thursday, July 12, 2012

A loooooong day

As I sit patiently waiting for this baby to want to join this world, I got bored!  So, I thought I'd start on my birth story (since there better be a birth)!  I was supposed to be induced at 7 this morning.  I got a phone call at a little after 5:30 letting me know that all the rooms were full, so I had to wait awhile.  I got some laundry going and went back to bed!  Cecilia got into bed with me at some point, so she had her last day of morning snuggles with me.  She's such a snuggle baby!  I love it!  Then I got all of the girls bathed/showered and did their hair.  I wanted to make sure I spent time with each of them before I had to head out.  We left for my mom's house, so we were ready to leave as soon as they called to tell me to come in!  The kids had lunch and then almost as soon as mom laid down, the hospital called.  I told the girls bye and we left for the hospital.  I'm loving the backroads way!  It was really strange for me to be going to the hospital with no pain!    I got put in a room, in a gown, and they started monitoring me and Joshua.

I was at a 2 to begin with!  Then my water was broken and they started me on Pitocin.  Not too much after I got my epidural and it started kicking in just as I started feeling some pain.  Perfect!  I'm progressing about a cm every hour or so and am starving, so I'm hoping that things really start moving soon!  Last time she checked I was a 4-5, and now I'm feeling the contractions.  So, I had to press the button for the first time!  I'm downing my ice chips too, yum! I'll get checked again soon and am really hoping I've moved up more than a centimeter!  The nurse goes at 7, so I'm sure she's hoping too!  Ow!  I got checked and I was a 8/9, so things got in motion pretty fast!  The nurses had me practice push about ten times (or so, I wasn't counting).  The doctor came in (a guy I had never met), and I got to real pushing!  He sucked out the important stuff and had me pull him the rest of the way out!  I was worried, but did it!  Joshua Michael was born at 7:08 pm.  He's 8 pounds 1.1 ounce and 19 and a half inches long.  He's got lighter hair and dark blue eyes, we'll see how long those last!

He ate pretty well!  I sent Scott for food and while he was gone Josh got his shots, stuff in his eyes, and his first bath.  The nurse gave me my camera, so I could take pictures!  Hurray!

After I snuggled him some more, Scott came back.  They had completely messed up our order and gave us grilled cheese instead of cheeseburgers.  Bummer!  It was still delicious, since I was starving!  It had been about 16 hours since I had eaten, and it was only a banana then!  Scott got to hold the baby, how sweet!  I took pictures!

 Then he had to head out as I was getting cleaned up. My mom called to let me know Cecilia saw my picture and said "Love her!"  Ohhhh, how incredibly sweet and I missed it!  I am feeling pretty well!  We'll see how that goes!  Now, to sleep until he gets hungry again!


  1. Congrats! I'm glad it was easy for you. Cool that you got to pull him out too :) When I had Jacob they asked if I wanted to feel his head. I did that one without any meds, so I wasn't interested :)