Sunday, July 15, 2012

We're home!

We were able to spend some quality time with family that came to visit the day after he was born.  Ben was so happy to hold his little brother!  It was very sweet!
 Josh with his Grammy
 Ben and Josh
 Cecilia wanted that baby for herself!
 She beeped his nose!
 Kira had to give him kisses (I completely understand)!
 That happy face!
 Leah was pretty happy too!
 Josh and his daddy
 Kira made the hat that doesn't quite fit on his head!
Josh and Aunt Kim-she was on her lunch break 
 They were playing peek-a-boo!
 Watching the movie
 Mamaw's got her newest grandbaby
 Josh waited for his Aunt Mandy, Ben and Lexi to be close before he was born!  They were in Louisiana.
 Helping Lexi touch nicely
 Josh and his Papaw
 The flowers and balloon my family brought!
 Josh in his bowtie!
 Josh and Uncle Bill
Josh and his Aunt Laura

All the girls were thrilled to hold Josh too!  They all wanted multiple turns!  Poor Cecilia had a rough time!  She cried when she didn't get to hold him first, so she held him second.  She was so excited that she was shaking and giggling!  She gagged on the chewy Spree I had there and threw up on the couch and floor.  She hit her head at least twice.  Poor kiddo!  Then she was so tired!  I'm sure she was thrilled to leave the hospital!  The older kids were happy to watch a movie!  Everyone left and I had Josh all to myself until Bill and Laura showed up for awhile.  Laura's due to have her baby in September, so she was pretty excited to visit and hold Josh!  Josh spent most of the night in the nursery, in order to get all of his blood tests and such.  Then he got his circumcision first thing in the morning. Poor baby!  I worked hard to get him to wake up and eat!  We were ready to go for awhile before we were able to.  We had to wait for my doctor to release me!  As soon as she came, we were out of there!

 I didn't even have to ride in a wheelchair!  Phew!  I made Scott take the long way back, because Staples had some awesome penny deals on school supplies!  So, I went in and found the deals, along with paper products that I knew were needed.  Poor Scott got worried about me and called as I was walking out.  He's so sweet!  We went to my parents' house and got the kiddos.  I drove most of them home and Scott took his van.  I figured it was safe, since I only took ibruprofen, and it's maybe a five minute drive.  I was sad by how much the kiddos wrecked the house in the few days I had been gone, but not surprised!  They all were so excited to have Josh and I home!  I had won a bunch of candy, which came in the mail today. Perfect timing!  So, Josh was able to give them a present!  I got some cute pictures of all my kiddos!

After a little rest, I got my first few setups done, so I was able to do some pictures of Josh and the boys.  I got some of him with Ben, with his Dad, and by himself-using the hat props I made!  I edited for quite awhile!

Then I was able to go to bed.  Although Josh ate off and on a LOT of the night!  It sure is nice to be home!  I'm sad that we can't go to church for a couple weeks, but it's probably better that way.  I want to keep my lil' man healthy!

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