Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun at Crown Center

 Josh with his Great-Grandma
 Josh and Mamaw's hands
 They thought the dino eggs were pretty cool!
 Leah didn't want to leave hers!
 Me with the kids (including an extra cousin)
 Cecilia loved this little glowing place
 The kids with another dinosaur
 Building food chains
 "Digging" for "bones"
 Kira just posed so nicely!
 Cecilia loved riding the triceratops!
 So did Leah!  She wanted to draw a triceratops!
 Kiddos plus a cousin and an adorable little girl who likes having her picture taken!
 Cecilia loved this bridge!
 Coloring in Kaleidoscope
 Coloring with markers under black lights
I LOVED the melted crayon! I did it too, it was so fun!
 Right after the black lights
 Ben making his necklace that he says he will wear on his date with Aurora.
 Me and my kiddos!
 Walking back over to Crown Center
 We HAD to eat at Fritz's!
 Ben loved the train!
 The kids wore their hats pretty well!
 So excited to get their food from the train!
We had a blast this afternoon at Crown Center!  

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