Thursday, July 3, 2014

Becoming Prince Charming by Jessica Elliott

About the book

In a moment of foolishness, Kaelen was transformed into a beast. Only winning the love of his princess can break the spell. There's only one problem: his princess abandoned him. He is forced to leave Charming Academy for a remote castle with only Gelasia, his etiquette teacher, to remind him of his former life and of who he really is. 
As the beast becomes stronger, Kaelen wonders if there could possibly be a girl out there to love him. And will she arrive before the beast consumes him completely?

About the Author

For as long as she can remember, Jessica L. Elliott has been telling stories.  As soon as she could grasp a pencil she began writing those stories down.  Reading fueled her imagination, as did spending time with her five younger brothers and sisters.  Everything was an adventure, something to be treasured and stories were her first love.  Jessica began seriously writing in high school and continued into college while attending Emporia State University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  She wrote and released her first novel, Charming Academy, in August of 2011.  Jessica currently lives in southwest Kansas with her husband, young son and daughter.

My Review

Disclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for my honest review.  My opinions can't be bought!
I came into the series on this the 4th book, so I felt like I was missing a lot of the backstory!  I would strongly suggest starting at the beginning and working your way through the series!  This is another fairy tale retelling, but I love that everyone knows everyone else in other fairy tales!  It completely made me rethink the Beauty and the Beast story, which amazed me!  I never thought of the story from the Beast's side!  I loved the Beauty (don't want to give it away) and especially Kaelen's friends!  I look forward to reading the next book after I read the first three (and I've already bought number one to begin the journey to Charming Academy!

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Becoming Prince Charming by Jessica L. Elliott

Becoming Prince Charming

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