Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July

We played with Sculpey clay and I completely forgot to take pictures!  Ben made amazing animals, Kira made huge balls, and I can't remember what the rest of the kids made!
I'm proud to be an American!  I'm working on getting my kiddos as patriotic!  I made a fun wreath for the door and even did my nails patriotically!  And I made a fruit flag for our breakfast!  It was an act of love!
 Cute lil' flags I made.
 The wreath on the door
 The flag fruit kabob
 My cute Jamberry nails!  I used the white chevron and the Patriot
 The kids in the back of the car waiting for the fireworks.  Samuel slept through it all and Ben and Cecilia were with their Aunt Kim!
 Dad did the watermelon eating contest
 Josh LOVED this huge ball!
 Kira was excited about her face being painted!
 Water balloon contest
 Emma's face cracks me up!
 And Leah's in this one!
The best of the Westhoff Family 4th of July pictures!
We all had matching 4th of July shirts from Old Navy!  They're only $5 each and I used Old Navy Cash to get most of them a few months ago!  I was super excited that we found them when searching the storage unit a few days ago!  We had a great time at the Ward Breakfast/lunch (it was from 9-11am), then we had a "barbecue" for dinner.  Kim brought the leftovers from the Singles Barbecue, because we had no propane (or defrosted meat).  Kim took Kira, Emma, and Leah the day before to spend the night, so Ben and Cecilia got to spend the night on Friday night.  Saturday I bought some cheap school supplies online and then took the kids to Old Navy with my friend.  My kids have swim suits for next year and clothes for the beginning of school now!  I'm still applying to jobs as they come up and I'm getting concerned, because we need to move!  Plus the reunion and Sam's wedding are coming up!  Well, deep water is what I'm wont to swim in, so I'm just going to keep swimming!

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