Sunday, July 13, 2014

Josh turned two!

Josh turned two yesterday, so he had his 2-year-old checkup on Thursday.  He is 37 inches tall and he weighs 36 pounds 10 ounces, so about a pound an inch.  He's in the 96th-98th percentiles, so a very healthy kiddo.  He's all muscle!  He really didn't want to go into that Doctor's office!  The shots are still pretty recent for him.  :(  Then he really didn't want to get up on the table to be checked out, so almost everything the Doctor did was with him sitting on my lap on the floor.  Then he was happy nothing happened while in the office and was ready to leave, but had to have his blood checked.  Lead level tests?  I had to have someone else hold Samuel, so I could sit and hold Josh.  He was not a happy camper.  The nurse in charge of holding his arm still couldn't do it, so he rolled his arm, after the needle was in.  Needless to say, they had to try again.  My poor lil' man!  He ended up with two ouchies and three Spiderman stickers.  That night mom, dad and I went to the temple!  Awesomeness!
Yesterday was Josh's actual birthday!  He slept in and then he opened presents.  He was a pretty happy camper!  Then he got to miss out on some of quiet time!  He went shopping with his Mamaw and got his cupcakes and some trains!  We went to Chuck E Cheese's for his party.  We all met up there and played games!  We had cupcakes and then the kids picked their prizes.  I love that family came!  After my sister got off work, the pinata got broken.  It took a lot of hard work!  He enjoyed mac and cheese for dinner.  Yum!

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