Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Charming Academy

You know how I reviewed Becoming Prince Charming?  Well, it was the fourth book, so I went ahead and bought the first one, since I loved it so much!  Charming Academy is fantastic!  You really get a feel for everyone in the book and I wasn't expecting that!  I thought it would just concentrate on Lucian and have the other characters maybe make cameos, but I was surprised!  That's why I'm dying to read the two middle ones to see what happens!  I've read the fourth one, but I'm really needing holes filled in!  Can I just say how much I was shocked that people died?  I knew that a certain princess became a hag, but didn't know about deaths!  I just finished it and now I'm dying to read the second and third ones!  But, they're about $12 each!  So, I'll have to wait.  Bummer!

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