Saturday, July 19, 2014

Job Interviews!

First thing Monday morning, I got a call for a job interview in Augusta, KS.  I was super excited!  Then, maybe an hour later, I got a call to interview in Wichita!  So, on Thursday, the four oldest kids stayed with their Grammie and the three youngest came with us to Wichita to spend the night and get ready to interview.  Our room had 3 Queen size beds, tv, DVD player, fridge and microwave!  It was only $75!  It was super hard to get the kids to sleep!  So, it was a late night.  :(  Then I had to wake up early to get everyone fed, ready, and on the road.  I didn't get everyone fed fast enough, so I was at least 5 minutes late!  Stink!  I was already nervous and then to add running late.  Terrible!  The interview, I felt, went well.  The kids got to play at the two big parks in Augusta.  The one park was great until a huge group of boys played baseball screaming obscenities at each other.  Oh well!  It's a very cute town with lots of great amenities and it's only 20 minutes from Wichita!  The people were super friendly!  I really liked it there!  After we had lunch, we went to my Wichita interview for a Magnet school.  The Principal was super nice and even bought me a smoothie!  It was a nice relaxing interview.  I was comfortable with her and loved the sound of her school!  I would gladly bring my kids with me to go to school there!  After the interview we headed back to Augusta and drove all around town as the kids napped.  We finally got to see one of the few places to rent.  It was terrible!  The paint was streaky, the floor wasn't properly installed and it was TINY!!!  For $650 a month, not a chance!  The other place we were going to look at rescheduled, so we headed home!  We got back within 3 hours, and that's with stopping to have ice cream at Braum's as I fed Samuel and returning the Redbox movies!  I should know by Tuesday evening if either of them chose me.  I'm keeping my options open though, since I haven't heard anything from them or two other schools I applied to.  I talk to a Teach for America guy on Tuesday too.  It would be a fantastic birthday present to find out I have a job!

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