Thursday, July 17, 2014

Finding Prince Charming and Prince Charming's Search

Today is the actual day that Becoming Prince Charming is released, so I'm reviewing the second and third book in the series.

Finding Prince Charming


Finding Prince Charming is the first sequel to Charming Academy.  Allegra discovered during her fourth year in school that her prince would not be coming to save her, as was typical in most fairy tale quests.  Rather, she would be rescuing him.  As she struggles to come to terms with this role-reversal, she must finish school, try to figure out where her prince has gone and overcome her greatest fears in order to give this story a "happily ever after" ending.

My Review

This is Allegra and Adrian's fairy tale.  I was excited to read both sides of the tale, to get a feeling for the whole adventure.  That witch was scary!  Especially when she showed up later!  I love Nerissa, but I want to know more (maybe a novella?  Please!)!  Could she be the Little Mermaid?  I was glad to not read what Adrian was eating!  I love a strong female lead, and Allegra is it!  She's strong enough to take on a gang to keep her necklace and know when she needs help, to get away from the witch, and to recover.  I love the family bond and how it helps her accomplish her mission!  She conquers her fear with help, lots of help.  Adrian isn't without hardships either!  It makes me rethink fairy tales!  All in all, a great retelling of the Frog Prince!

Prince Charming's Search


When Jacobi starts his quest, he knows there will be challenges.  But, her never would have imagined how difficult being Prince Charming would be.  Will Jacobi survive the dangers that await him as he looks for his missing princess?  Upon graduation, Clarissa finds herself transported to a world completely foreign from the life she's always known.  Hardships and trials are faced as she waits for her Prince Charming.  But, will he recognize her when he finds her?  Join Jacobi on his quest in this much anticipated third book in the "Charming Academy" series.

My Review:

This is Jacobi and Clarissa's story.  It's a fantastic retelling of Cinderella, and even includes ghosts and dragons!  I can't imagine going from a princess playing at serving to being one of two servants in a large household.  Angel is quite the helper!  Then the whole ghosts thing happened.  What's the story there?  I still want to know Jezzie's story.  I want to know what happened to her!  Was Gerald under a spell?  I love that Jacobi gets a pet dragon!  It's very interesting that he felt he needed to visit a place that comes into the fourth book.  I like the overlaps!  I can't wait to read Lucian and George's stories!  

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