Saturday, June 27, 2009

At the end of the day...

So, I ended up going over to my parents' house to trash what was still left from the garage sale I didn't really have. And give some stuff to my mom and mamaw. It didn't take long, which was good! After we had lunch we went to the Deanna Rose Farm. It was so hot! Oh my goodness! We had fun and hopefully some of the pictures turn out! I ended up feeding Leah with my new Uddercover (not very impressed with it, but it was free) in the Dairy Farm movie room. It's a fantastic place to cool off! We all shared two little cups of ice cream to help the cooling off process! We even got to see the cow be milked! We then went to the Half Price Bookstore to sell all of the books from the garage sale. I'm talking 2 totes of books and we got $1. That's it. Very disappointing! Especially to Kira who didn't get to get her $2 movie. Ben got his $1 book. I know it wasn't fair, but she got the squished penny from the farm to even things out. She felt better after we went to Hyvee and she got to push a little cart around. Hers was filled with fruit, so she was a pretty happy camper! We spent enough on groceries (super good sales) to get the 9 cents off of gas. Hurray! So, we filled up. Not a bad deal. We came home to put away the groceries and then I bought pizza at Papa Murphy's. Love it! We all watched Home Improvement (the second season). Ben always laughs so hard about everything that we can't hear what the next funny thing was! It's still cute! Anyway, I need to get pictures on and head to bed!

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