Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things are looking up!

Especially with Emma pushing a chair next to the fridge. That little girl is so independent for a kiddo that can hardly talk. She can say the different parts of the face though! As she pokes you! Right now she's getting Kira's shells in a bag down. Probably to make a mess!
Scott started a temp job today, hurray! I just hope it lasts at least three weeks. If four, we can go on a little camping trip to Nauvoo. Kira really wants to camp. In this heat, I don't even want to go outside! Poor missionaries! They have to dress nice and walk!
Speaking of missionaries, my wonderful brother wrote me twice today! I feel so special! I wrote him probably four. And I plan on sending him a letter this week. I need to! The kids want to send something to him and I have pictures to send.
I just ordered 2 free Uddercover sets. One boy and one girl. I figure $28 is completely worth it for 2 Udder covers, 2 breastfeeding bracelets and 8 washable breast pads! Woohoo! I would probably order lots more if I had the money! What a great baby shower present!
I cleaned up a tiny bit in the basement. I managed to find a library book that I paid for about 3 years ago! How sad is that? I remember being sad, because I couldn't find it and it was a good book! I called the library and they said I could donate it or keep it. Since I paid for it, I think I'll keep it!
I should probably check on my cute baby, see if she has woke up yet!

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