Saturday, June 20, 2009

More and more

It seems like I'm always getting rid of stuff. It might be because of all the cool stuff I find doing the bulky item pickups! Yesterday I got a bookshelf for both of the kids' rooms, presents for my dad, Scott and Ben, and some dishes. Not bad for an hour's work! Now I'm working on getting rid of all the stuff I collected for the garage sale, since we need to get the garage clean. It's kinda our present to our dad. Sam's doing all of the work though. Maybe because she doesn't mind mice! I do!
Hash-baz is at it again! This morning she has: thrown Ben's grapes on the floor, put on her shoes, and stomped them; poured a whole container of goldfish crackers in Ben's bowl (which was dirty), found a cup of peanuts that she hid in my room and dumped them on the floor in the upstairs hallway, brought me lots of Leah's clothes for her to wear (Leah not Emma), ate the tops of three popsicles (she left one to melt on the floor), ate 2/3rds of a yogurt container and disappeared with the spoon, dumped out a bowl of cereal that I thought she ate, but hid in the baby's swing; poured "bur" (her version of root beer) from one cup to another twice and made another mess...and the list goes on. She's not even dressed yet! She hasn't peed on the floor today, but she did poop a little on the chair. Yuck!
I, hopefully have some of these clothes sold. I can hope to get something out of all my hard work! Now, speaking of work, I need to get to cleaning. Ugh!

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