Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crazy morning

We were up a little late last night. But, I got some stuff done! Yesterday I taught my mom and mamaw how to make bows. FUN! I love making bows! They turned out pretty good and I figured out a new way to decorate clips without bows. Woohoo! I still need to make some. Anyway, I was up late getting stuff together for mamaw, since she leaves soon. I'm going to miss her. I love my mamaw and Louisiana is far away! I hardly ever get to go down there. Though I am sending Kira (It'll help immensely here)! We figure Emma will be talking by the time she comes back. Hurray! She is getting better (at talking anyway).
Now I went to bed at about midnight, and at about 3:30 this morning Scott brings me Emma. Wide awake. I didn't hear her cry or anything. She did not want to go to sleep! So, she hogged my side of the bed for thirty minutes (no sleep) and I tried to put her back in bed. She started screaming! Since Leah has been sleeping inher crib in the same room, I had to get Emma quiet. The last thing I needed was 2 little girls crying. Emma wanted me to sing to her, so I did. She wanted me to read a book to her, in the dark, and I couldn't. She wanted a diaper change and of course all the diapers were downstairs. After trying to get her to go to sleep in my room, she was thirsty after screaming, so I had to go back downstairs for juice. Ugh! Then she stripped and wanted to wear Kira's pants. Over her head. I managed to find her a shirt tat made her happy. What a long morning! Needless to say I was not happy with Scott for bringing her in (though to give him a break, he was only semi conscious) and Emma for not going back to sleep. Without her sleeping I couldn't sleep, since she is Maher-shalal-hash-baz. That makes me very cranky! I told her I didn't want to see her for at least three hours and she gave me five! How sweet. Especially since she poured her juice on my bed and made me wet. No one wants to wake up wet! But I was too tired to care, so I stayed there and fed Leah while Scott dashed off to his thing. Leah's so sweet, she went back to sleep. Now, if only Scott didn't tell me that he's feeling drowsy. GGrrr...

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