Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun kids!

So, even though I got to bed at one and had to get up at 7, I'm doing pretty good! Emma's talked some today! She's said: "more" "apple" and "please." Woohoo! Then I read a funny part of the book I just finished (Previously Engaged by Elodia Strain) and laughed, to hear Leah do the start of a baby laugh! And she was sleeping! So incredibly cute! I love it when babies start to laugh, because then you can start the tickling! I've done absolutely nothing to clean this morning and I'm still in my pjs, but I did exercise for twenty minutes! It's a lot easier to get away with doing nothing when Scott's at home to help. His work finished yesterday, so he's home again. Bummer, moneywise. I'm excited about making my favorite recipe for Enrichment tonight! I hope to get everyone else as addicted as I am!

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