Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Little Catch Up

Before the concert

Outside the Sprint Center

Ok, crazy stuff this past week! I tried to have a garage sale last weekend! I stayed up super late with my sister getting everything over to my parents' house for the sale, and then got everything out to have it start raining. So, we cleaned out some of the garage for all of the sale stuff! Crazy! So, I have the opportunity to try again some other time. Right now it's looking like it's going to rain again this weekend! Well, I'll do it when I can and hope to make enough money to make up the gap that we have with neither of us working right now!

Emma got checked out on Monday and she'll be getting speech therapy once a week to get her talking. She's started trying to talk more which is nice! She says "no" a lot! It sounds more like "non" in french.

I did get to go and see Yanni Voices in concert. That was awesome! A family in our ward (church) were able to get tons of free tickets. So, Kira, Leah, my dad and I went. I went to the Thrift Store and got a very nice outfit for $5 (though it was pretty big on me) an got Kira a very nice dress for $1.20. Not bad! We got awesome seats. We were in Section 117, Row 4, seats 22-24 in the Sprint Center. We were pretty much eye level with the people on the stage! I loved it! Leah did fantastic (though I did have to feed her twice)! Kira really wanted popcorn the whole time, and finally got it at the intermission. We had fun and had lots of people comment on my pretty girls. The lady in front of us said that my girls were very well-behaved.
Now, on to the bad news. You knew it was coming. Today I was so excited, because yesterday was so good. My house was a mess, but that's pretty normal, since I was too busy to clean. So, I cleaned up and then Scott got a call for an interview (which is awesome)! But, on his way out to Kansas City, he managed to do something crazy to the tire. All I know is that he was going to put on the spare, but it's not going on, because the place where you put the gas in has fallen. Say what? So, either he had a flat tire and kept driving and broke something or I don't know. Of course, I had no way to get him and luckily was able to get ahold of someone at my mom's house to get him. Hopefully they figure something out. I'm thinking our tires need to be replaced, which stinks! We just bought our car about a year and a half ago. Stinky used car dealers! Either way, I'm going to have to figure out how to afford tires on our bare bones budget. Yuck! Then I was feeling sad, because Kira and I specifically prayed for Scott to be able to make it there safely and not get lost, and here this happens. I'm not impressed. I'm sure there's a good reason, but I'm not liking the "in the meantime." Add all of this to the fact that I was already feeling down and just lackluster. My poor kids who expect me to cater to their every whim and wish are getting the brunt of it. Oh well! Back to the work grind, because of course I need to clean again and figure out something that my picky eaters will eat for dinner.

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